Communication & Teambuilding

A "Whale" of a Good Time!
Lego WhaleThe students of the Alternative School participated in a fun and educational teambuilding and communication exercise to end the day on Thursday, February 8th.  The mission of the exercise was to use great communication skills to recreate a whale made from legos without ever seeing the original structure. 

One student was allowed to see the whale.  Called the "Looker," this student could write down as many details as he or she liked to share information with the "Runner."  The "Runner" never saw the whale but could capture every detail the "Looker" had seen with good communication skills.  The "Runner" then went straight to the "Builder" to give instructions in recreating the whale.  Only the "Builder" could touch the legos. 

Open communication was encouraged throughout the activity and there was even a silent "Observer" who took note of the positives and negatives of communication within his or her group throughout the exercise.  At the end of the activity, everyone discussed the benefits of the activity from their own perspectives and the challenges associated with relying on other people.  It was a fun learning experience. 

Mrs. Baker's group was the first to successfully complete the activity, and she was beyond proud of her team!
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