Mentoring & Manners

Mentoring & Manners
Manners BookThe staff of the Alternative School wants to help students succeed.  Along with improving academics and equipping students to avoid drugs, the staff is endeavouring to improve students' chances of success in life by teaching good manners.  The staff will use the book, How Rude!  The Teenagers' Guide to Good Manners, Proper Behavior, and Not Grossing People Out, by Alex J. Packer, Ph.D., as a guide to teaching better manners.  

Every other Friday, when students meet with their mentoring group they will work through a LINKS lesson and also learn a little snippet about good manners.  On September 22nd, students will receive their midterm grades and determine what steps they must take to be successful throughout the remainder of the 9 weeks. High school students will also discuss their transcripts. Then students will be introduced to their first discussion about good manners in which they will learn how good manners could benefit them.  As the weeks progress, students will learn specific manners to use on public transportation, on sidewalks, at home, on dates, while driving, while dining and many other situations.

Ten Reasons Good Manners are Helpful for You

Good manners -

  1.  Put people at ease (people are more likely to agree with what you want if they feel at ease)
  2. Impress people (so people are more likely to give you respect)
  3. Build self-esteem (so you are more likely to get what you want out of life)
  4. Are attractive (you will be more likely to have the relationships and friends you want)
  5. Allow people to live and work together with less friction/problems (makes your world more pleasant)
  6. Can save your life (you will know how to smooth over a problem and be less likely to get killed)
  7. Are rare (you will stand out to adults and be treated better)
  8. Make you feel good (you can know you are doing your part to make the world better)
  9. Make others feel good (you are helping create a world where people have care, compassion and respect for each other)
  10. Don’t cost anything (it really is free to have good manners!)
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