Steered Straight

Steered Straight because You Are WORTH IT!
Michael DeLeonMichael DeLeon would trade places with any of the boys at the Alternative School in a second.  He wishes he could do it all over.  On December 17, 2018, Rocky Meadows of LifeHouse invited Mr. DeLeon to share the story of how he rejected all the help offered to him throughout school and chose drugs.  

Mr. DeLeon shared how he spent 12 years in prison.  He shared how he spent 6 years in addiction.  He shared how he died 6 times.  Now he shares his story in 600 schools a year and works 7 days a week, visiting prisons and churches and schools and anywhere else he can share his story.  

Mr. DeLeon has created multiple documentaries as he tried to determine why so many young people with bright futures turned to drugs.  In Camden, New Jersey, he discovered that 137 out of 137 of the drug addicts he spoke with tried tobacco/nicotine, weed and alcohol before the age of 18.  Eighty-eight percent (121 out of 137) were given an opioid prescription before they turned to heroin.  

Michael DeLeon created Steered Straight and presented "Stay In Your Lane" to the Cabell County Alternative School because he wants all young people to know that they have a choice and that "You Are WORTH IT!"  

Thank you to Rocky Meadows (LifeHouse) and thank you to Michael DeLeon and his wonderful wife!
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