Whose Choice Is It?

Whose Choice Is It?
Ron James

Ron James asked a very weighted question when speaking with the students of the Cabell County Alternative School. 

“Whose Choice Is It?”

Mr. James assured the students he was not trying to tell them what to do.  He was just sharing his story.

He shared that in second grade he was laughed at.  He told himself that if someone laughed at him again, he would beat that person up.  He shared that in fourth grade he had a big embarrassment while trying to read a book.  He said “I hate reading” and never read a book until adulthood.  He shared that in college he was called out for his lack of education and he said “I’m gonna quit” and began partying. 

What you say determines your destiny.

He spent 25 years in penitentiaries.  He went to more penitentiaries than the students had visited movie theaters. 

Mr. James shared that most people believe the 1 bad thing said to them more than the 99 positive things.  Really, though, whose choice is it?

Mr. James made it clear that each student has the ability to make his or her own choices.  The next choice could be the best choice. 

Mr. James was welcomed into his mother’s home, showered in her bathroom, slept in her bed and stole her engagement ring and wedding band.  He also stole the memories they could have shared.  Later, she looked at her son and said that he must have needed the rings.  He must have needed them more than he needed her.

Mr. James lost many relationships during his years of prison, drugs, theft and many other illegal activities.  Finally, after the death of his mother, after being told he could easily be sentenced to 89 years, after being asked “where do you want your body sent” in case he died in prison, he decided to change his life and help people.  He has been helping people since that time. 

Mr. James has written 3 books.  Choices was written during his time in prison.  It took 3 years.  A documentary is being made about his life and should be released by the end of this summer.  He tours the country talking to students, businesses and anyone else who is interested in hearing his story. 

The staff of the Alternative School wants their students to make their next choice their best choice.

"Whose Choice Is It?"

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